Thursday, September 26, 2013

Who Ya Callin' a Birdbrain!

Taken September 1, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Another beautiful day forecast here which is very nice, though some rain would be nicer.

  2. P.S. Jim and I watched SHIELD last night. We liked it enough that we'll continue watching it. Not knowing the Marvel universe (nor having seen the Avengers) wasn't a hindrance but I suspect it probably would've heightened some of the character interplay. And it was very nice to see Gunn and Shepherd. Hope to see more folks from the Whedon-verse show up in future episodes.

  3. "Birdbrain, huh? Well, yer just a yellowbellied...wait."

    I was half-lost during SHIELD but Ron Glass was a welcome surprise -- and he must have stolen some tech from Firefly because the man hasn't aged 10 minutes in 10 years. I liked Clark Gregg, too, but I did not like anyone under ~30. I'm in for another couple episodes to see how WhedonCo develop it, but I may not last because American Horror Story starts its third season soon, and I'm all over that.

    Good day to you all.

  4. "No, I said bird CHAIN! Clean out your ears, downy head!"

    Skylar spent the night up here last night. Except for the usual squabbles with Mason, it went OK. He's on the way to the country Head Start now. Mason is up, but watching PBS, so he'll ease into the day.

    Gonna try this mime at home thing one more time…

  5. Hi, all. Lovely day here which is nice as I will be out and about.

    Missed SHIELD but Maria said it will be rerun tonight and I will try and catch it then.