Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Taken August 23, 2013.

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  1. Good Morning Andi and Everyone!

    Another lovely picture and I like the caption.

    Halloween is getting near and I have to admit it's not one of my favorite holidays. As a kid we went trick or treating, but it was never celebrated in our family like a lot of people do today. Actually to me, it seems like years ago it was a minor holiday and it has ballooned out to where adults are parting more than the kids. I don't mean to sound bah humbug about it, but my main holidays at the end of the year are Thanksgiving and X-mas. Oh well to each his/her own.

    Everyone have a good hump day and week ahead.


  2. Wow, that's Some Web! Make sure Wilbur keeps watch for future messages.

    Halloween is THE big annual holiday for the LBGTQ community and nationwide there are themed parties with elaborate decor and costumes. Some call it our "high holy day" and they're not necessarily kidding. Frequently we do some community fundraising (helping queer youth, AIDS charities, equal rights, etc.) around this time of the year as well. It's all very adult-oriented, and I can understand how that might put people off, but a holiday involving everyone consciously choosing to wear some other identity just has a natural appeal to a lot of queer people. There's also the frequency with which queer adults (of my generation and older) were forced out of childhood experiences due to being bullied/isolated for being different, and I imagine a lot of us feel that celebrating late is better than missing out altogether.

    In the Dayton suburban community, my biggest concern around Halloween is the fact that one of my cats is black and I don't want any of the local deviants to get hold of her. Fortunately, Miss Ruby seems quite content to live indoors and has shown no interest in going back outside, so this doesn't have to be a pressing concern.

    1. Jen that's the oddest thing about your cat's name. You remember me talking all the time about FMom. Her first name was Ruby and because of her age before she passed away she was called Miss Ruby. You've lived down South so you know that for older ladies they'll be called Miss this or that. Anyway I thought it was funny when I saw your cat's name.


    2. Whit, we named the cat after the song Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones, and while I assume FMom came by it a different way, it is a lovely name. :)

  3. I like Halloween. There's not a huge buildup, usually only one or two events to deal with, and Mason likes getting candy (well duh). Much less hassle than most other holidays.

    And the spiders are happy to decorate the house for you. :-P