Saturday, September 7, 2013

Multi(horti)cultural Neighborhood

Taken August 12, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. A good weekend/vacation/Mason's birthday/recovery to you all

  2. Good morning Andi and Everyone!

    Hoping everyone is fine today and starting a good w/e. It will be another hot one today down here. We're only supposed to get up to 93F, but that's still kinda warm.

    This morning I've been trying to clean up the apartment, but as I said before it's very difficult to do with all the bending and so on. One of the reasons I'm trying to get this done is because my sister came over the other day and the house was a wreck. My sister has the habit of not being able to talk calmly to me when she thinks I'm screwing up. She starts out yelling and then we go from there. To say that she's bossy and overbearing would be an understatement. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister and b.i.l., but every now and then I do wish I had been an only child. I think out of all my immediate family I'm the only one that doesn't show any temper. I've always felt when you loose your temper you loose control and trust me there are plenty of things in my life I have no control over. So I figure temper is an easy one to accomplish.

    My plans for today are to make another pot of coffee and start some more cleaning. Oh the joy of vacuuming - I look forward to it. ;)

    Everyone have a good w/e and take care.


    1. I don't suppose, Whit, that telling your sister "If you don't like the way it looks, you clean it" would either shut her up or get her to clean the place for you.

  3. Happy weekend, everyone and good luck, Whit. Don't hurt yourself more by trying to clean. Your health is more important.

  4. Hi everyone, I hope you're all enjoying your weekend as best you can.

    Whit, I have a sister like that, too, and bless her heart, we all love her anyway. ;) But Dina's right, don't push yourself.

    Mary, if you're still checking in, I started up a little place where we could talk in some detail about OITNB without spoiling Andi. It's linked in my name, and once you post a comment and I approve it, you'll be out of moderation and can comment at will. All of you are welcome to visit and/or comment, if you'd like! Only thing you really need to know is that I am rated MA for mature audiences. :)