Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hopped to It

Taken August 11, 2013.

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  1. Hopping to a belated Happy Birthday to Maria and an on time happy 42nd anniversary to me and Jim.

  2. It was an arranged marriage, arranged before we were even conceived, an old custom the Hoosiers brought from the old country.

  3. Happy Anniversary to the beautifully arranged Fs!

  4. Happy Anniversary Andi and Jim!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Andi & Jim!!! ::raises virtual glass:: A toast!

  6. Happy Anniversary, Andi and Jim. ::raises chocolate::

  7. Happy Anniversary Andi & Jim!!!!!!!

    I can't think of anything except something lame to say so I'll just leave it at Happy Anniversary.
    I hope everyone is doing good or at least better.

    I have definitely done better than I am now. I was getting out of the bathtub and ended up falling. I didn't break anything, but I bruised the heck out of my hip. It's not so bad when I'm laying down or walking, but getting up out of a chair or the bed is pure agony. Plus going up or down stairs is out of the question. The one funny thing about all of this is the old ladies in this building. They'll see me hobbling along or either stopping to get my breath and they will come outside and tear into me. I was carrying out some trash this morning and one very small old lady came out and started telling me to use my inhaler. Didn't I have a walker and why didn't I call her and she would have gotten the trash for me. She was getting herself all worked up and I finally started say "Yes Mam, next time I'll be sure to call you." The funny thing is I don't ever remember meeting this old lady. Anyway, other than being "stove up" as my Grand Daddy used to say, I'm doing fairly well.

    Well I got to get to my hobble cleaning of the apartment. Everyone have a good Thursday, an excellent Friday and a glorious weekend.

    Take care


    1. I'm so happy you have little old ladies making sure you take care of yourself. :D

  8. Thanks for all the anniversary wishes everyone.

    Also, for any of you who were emotionally scarred by the movie Five Million Miles to Earth, my apologies if you found today's picture unnerving.