Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Four Legs Good

Taken August 5, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. The temps decided to stop laboring so much and have dropped back into 80s. Humidity is still going to be with us, though.

  2. Hope you shoulder gets better soon, Larry.

  3. Thanks, Andi. I think I'll be able to drive with it. About to find out.

    Wife ended up taking Mason to his first day of preschool, because she never got around to picking up the "official car for student" placards or whatever they are. So I have a slower than planned start to my morning.

  4. Looks like a lovely day for you, Andi. Not as lovely as that horse, of course.

    Can't lift anything more than a bottle of beer

    That can't be an accident. Or at least, not a bad one. ;) Seriously, I hope it heals quickly. When I blew my shoulder out back in February, it would scarcely move at all without screaming agony for about two or three weeks, and it took until June to get close to normal. It'll still scream if I move it wrong. Best helpful things for me were ibuprofen and those blue-ice freezer packs/cold therapy. The cold therapy was surprisingly effective, more helpful than narcotics.

    Yesterday one of the gaskets underneath the toilet tank in the guest bathroom (where I've been stripping wallpaper for the past two summers) decided that it had completed its lifetime allotment of labor and it did not even send a shout out or a tweet before it gave up its gaskety ghost. Fortunately I found it dripping slowly roughly thirty seconds before the drip turned into a waterfall for Borrowers so the mess wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Standing in toilet water was, however, a very motivating factor in our decision to call some plumbing professionals out to check the rest of the pipes and connections in there before we get to the paint and tile finish work, though.

  5. Happy Tuesday, all. Hope that today brings shoulder and plumbing happiness.

  6. Hola, gang.

    Can't believe Mason is in pre-school!! Time flies when you're...old. ::g::

    Bummer about the shoulder, Larry. I'm dealing with similar issue.

    Best wishes for plumbing fixes, Jen!

    I spent the lovely long weekend doing absolutely nothing of note. Tomorrow, I hit 55 - at which I am amused. How did I get here? Officially old? Ah well.

    Today, I am working @ the mimes from home, which eases me into the work week.