Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coloring In Fading Summer

Taken August 13 & 15, 2013.
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  1. Morning all. Awful heat here too (also jealous of that 65) and then the it gets cooler again.

  2. Hi Andi,

    We're staying in the 90's until Saturday and then we drop down into the 80's and the month long forecast says we stay in the 80's. So maybe Saturday is the big turn around day, at least I hope.

    Everyone have a good day.


  3. It is hotter today than it was yesterday, an excellent day to stay in and lay about in the air conditioning, and I'm enormously grateful that I can do so.

    Andi, I set my DVR to catch the re-run of Orphan Black. I'll put up episode threads as it airs in case you or anyone else wants to come by and chat it out. :)

    Good day to you all!

    1. ooh good, Orphan Black! When it was on, nobody else that I knew was watching it. I'll be by for that.

  4. Darn this heat wave. I was just getting used to the coolth.

    This week, so far, can be FIRED. Lots of discombobulation with our receptionist on vacation, new hire starting, other stuff happening, and pretty much, the crazies are out. I can't wait until the weekend.

    Jen, Orphan Black rules.

  5. Took a short bike ride today. It wasn't the heat; it was the heat and humidity. Sitting in the county library, surfing, and cooling.