Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Schmear of Light

Taken August 21, 2013.

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  1. Happy weekend all. It's only 47 degrees out and I couldn't be happier about the temps. I'm a little sad, though, because we took the hummingbird feeders down yesterday as it was time to make sure the couple of lingerers started their trip south. I'm going to miss them.

  2. I guess I had enough sleep, because I woke up feeling pretty alert at 7 sharp. Slept fairly well, despite the steroid meds the doc put me on for the shoulder (she warned me that crappy sleep was a side effect, but rum conquers all). It continues to improve, although it aches a lot at bedtime because it's well enough to use for light duty (stuff smaller than Mason) and the little stresses add up. Doc didn't say "don't use it" — actually, she said something about physical therapy if the meds don't fix it — so I guess it's OK.

    If you're not following Boran, he finished his gas station painting this week. I like how he made it look, like it was about to re-open rather than sitting disused for decades.

    1. That's turned out be my next-to-favorite of his paintings, right behind the '49 Packard [LINK]

  3. Hi, all. We also have much cooler temps and I love it. I always sleep better in cold weather.

    Happy weekend and good yum tov to any celebrating.

  4. Andi, did you take that picture close to sunrise? The light has that golden hour quality, which is more beautiful here in the midwest than everywhere else I've ever seen it (so far).

    Larry, I'm glad your shoulder isn't messed up too badly.

    For those of you boobing with the tube this weekend, the first Orphan Black thread is ready whenever you are. (Your first comment will go into moderation automatically so don't think it has just disappeared. I will check the blog throughout the day to approve comments, and once I approve your first comment, you will be able to post more without a wait period.)

    Happy/reflective weekend to you all, as suits your needs. :)

  5. Great, Jen. I am hopefully following the blog so I can join in.

    Happy Sunday.

  6. Good weekend all,

    Dina I agree with you. I prefer a cold place to sleep, that's just as long as I have plenty of covers/spreads.

    I wish it was 47 here. We've gotten up to 90. I'm just waiting for October.

    Hope everyone's weekend is good.