Saturday, August 17, 2013

Some Yosemite Critters

Taken July 28 & 29, 2013.
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  1. Is that marmot holding a cocktail? :)

  2. Morning. We'll be leaving for Mason's pre-school orientation in less than an hour.

    Dina, in my experience, mild summers don't automatically mean colder than usual winters. But this one is exceptional. We've had two mild winters, not really that much of winter, and we're due.

    I somehow got a #FridayFlash posted last night.

  3. Love the critters.

    Larry, this hasn't really been a mild summer so much as extremes. We had a terrible heat wave in July and really unusually cold weather in August. That is what worries me. I don't mind a cold winter, I just hope we don't get another Sandy.

  4. Morning all.

    Jen, sad to say that no Yosemite marmot had the style and panache of Marmotdude.

    We had a snowless winter in 2011, Larry, but the 2012 winter had plenty of snow but not super cold temps -- we never got below 0 in either year so I'm afraid we're due too.

    Dina, I don't know what kind of weather patterns create a Sandy-type hurricane but I sure hope they aren't happening/going to happen.

  5. I cannot believe that baby is ready for preschool. Pretty soon he'll be smarter than all of us. :)

    The geeks at the Farmers Almanac forums (not the publication itself) are predicting a snowy winter for my region, which is fine with me because: a) we can use the precipitation; b) as long as it's snowing, it's not too cold; and c) E just bought a 4wd truck so now we don't have to stress about getting the essentials to maintain life, such as chocolate and freeze dried chicken treats.

    Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

  6. Morning all!

    I spent yesterday afternoon fixing a power window in the father in law's F150. Learned something interesting: a nylon gear inside the motor turns the metal outer gear that moves the lifter, but there's three rubber bumpers in between to give it some "give" at the top & bottom. Those bumpers had deteriorated and crumbled. The Autozone people were surprised to find that 1) you can replace that stuff inside; 2) they had one in stock. $20 for the gear was a lot better than $47 for the whole motor… or $129 for the entire assembly, which they did try to sell me. :P

    We did have snow last two "winters," although it didn't hang around very long. What we get, we get. Hurricane season might be fairly boring, if the Atlantic's weather has been like ours here, but that's not a given. We'll see come October.

    Mason's excited for September. Preschool, *and* his birthday hit the first week! Then it's vacation the 2nd week.