Friday, August 30, 2013

Rock Rush

Fletcher Creek, taken July 20, 2013.

Click image to see larger version


  1. I'm in a rush to get past this hot & humid weather. The NWS is showing high in the low 80s for the next week. I'm ready.

  2. Andi, how tall are those pretty rock ledges? Without a reference point, like a person or a dinosaur, the image has a lot of visual play for me and my brain keeps trying to rescale it.

    Mary, I'm glad your mom is home recovering, it's always scary to have any kind of complication in a "routine" procedure, let alone one that requires CCU. Best healing wishes to her.

    On rec from E and Maria, I've been binge-watching Orange is the New Black this week. I'm only halfway through so I don't have anything substantive to say about it yet, but so far I like it. Besides the actress who plays Sophia, who's phenomenal, at this point I am most blown away by how much every aspect of this show reminds me of junior high school. I mean, they used to let us go home at 3:30 and there were equal numbers of boys around, but otherwise, it is really striking just how much a minimum security women's prison setting captures my experience of the 7th-9th grades in a Miami public school.

    1. I'd say each ledge is between 18-36 inches and the distance to the top was no more than 20 feet. The sound of the water was my idea of the perfect sleep sound.

      ::poor pitiful satellite-internet-user looks longingly at the cool kids with their unlimited internet usage -- just like high school when she never had any Villager* outfits**::

      * For those who don't know what I'm talking about [LINK]

      ** Okay, I never actually wanted them but that's besides the point.

    2. Roughly 1 foot+ per ledge was one of the scales my brain was trying to choose, so that's good. The other scale was...considerably larger, heh.

      I cannot imagine you actually agreeing to wear any of those outfits (except the sweaters; those are alright) unless you were threatened/bribed.

      After the holiday drunks get off the road, assuming you're not ferrying your mother over the river and through the woods, you wanna drive a laptop/tablet over here and download some watchables? Since we* so smartly decided to re-do several rooms at once and we* can't keep up with our* own ambition, the house is still a mess, but I can make some food and offer you cable speed while you sit on a cat-hair-covered pleather footstool. :D
      *All components of "we" are not necessarily following through with the work portion of the re-do program.

    3. Since we had to wear skirts or dresses to high school and shirtwaist dresses are really comfortable, I did have a couple of them (but no Villager) -- so I guess you'll just have to try to imagine it. :)

      I would love to come over there to visit but once I'm there, I don't not going to waste any visiting time on the internet; all my attention goes to you ... and the kitties.

  3. Woohoo! Three-day weekend begins! Rum-thirty in roughly 80 minutes!

    Eep, Mary, I hope your mom recovers quickly and painlessly. That had to have been scary.

    I think we're going to put down some concrete steps this weekend. We'll see what actually happens.

  4. Andi, I really love this picture. I wish it were next to my house!

    I remember Villager all too well. My school had the knee rule. If you knelt on a chair and your skirt did not touch the chair, you were sent home. I do not miss high school AT ALL!

    Mary, sending healing thoughts your way.