Monday, August 5, 2013

Paying Attention

Taken July 3 & 11, 2013.
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  1. Wow, it's 58 out. Hard to believe it's August. But I'll definitely take it.

  2. Pleasantly cool here as well. After the hot July, this is bliss. It feels like the spring we didn't really have!

  3. Ditto on the weather. I'm loving it!!

    Other than that, it's a Monday. yup.

  4. Today I am resting because I spent roughly half of yesterday stripping roughly half of the fugly wallpaper from the guest bathroom walls, marveling at the amount of glue some people feel is necessary. Are they just being thorough? Or do they know that they chose hideous wallpaper, and is painting it on with buckets of superkrazyglue some weird form of doubling down on the initial poor decision? Only The Shadow knows.

    I'm glad you are all enjoying the weather. :) Hope everyone has a good day.

  5. Hey F's, welcome back from vacation (belatedly). I just got back from a week in Minnesota where the weather was sunny but quite ... brisk. It felt great :) But the weather here in the Lou is actually pretty great - nice to come home to something other than 100 degree weather.

    Jen - totally relate to the wallpaper stripping. Only thing worse is people who PAINT over the wallpaper - which later starts coming off the wall. Sigh.

  6. Ha, there were like three layers of wallpaper in the bathroom, and at least one of those layers had been painted over. It took a while to strip all that down to the sheetrock.

    Scary-not-hot for August so far, and plenty of rain on the way tomorrow, after 3 or 4 dry days. I expect it'll be like flipping a switch, and we'll have four weeks of 95F and no rain.