Friday, August 9, 2013


Taken July 15, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Today I will spend the day wondering if there is a way to throw a blanket over the entire inside of the house and how long it would take to the blanket to be completely covered in dog hair.

  2. 1) Yes, if you have a big enough blanket, or carpeting is essentially the same thing. 2) Six hours tops.

    Y'know, you can have a day when things didn't go right, end up staying way overtime at work and still can't get stuff straightened out, it's been rainy and yucky all day, then you open Twitter and see this… and the day flips over into the Win column.

    Looks like a nice morning out there, even if it's going to rain later. Sooo… off to it!

  3. My friends, there could be some serious money in the manufacture of mess-hiding house-blankets (made of pet-hair-resistant material, natch).

    "Are you overwhelmed by random piles of useless crap lying everywhere around your home? [spokesmodel trips over pile of crap; close-up on exaggerated tv sadface] Blanket Genie makes your mess disappear [disembodied hand snaps] like magic! [messy house blinks into blanketed house with smiling model] Thanks Blanket Genie!"

    We should get some R&D and late night infomercial scripts underway immediately. And a twitter account so the Blanket Genie can help market itself by sending hide-a-mess tips directly to your phone.

    Congrats Larry, it's always so cool when people you like, like what you do. :)

    Good day to all of you!

  4. Love this picture. It looks so nice and cool. Which is the opposite of the hot, humid day here. With flash flood warnings in effect. Sigh.