Thursday, August 8, 2013

Grace in a Split Moment

Taken July 11, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. A week ago we lef the High Sierra mountains to head back home. And yet there is "debris" from vacation scattered around the house. I'm sure that's just a function of regret at being back from vacation and not an indication of our housekeeping skills.

  2. Shroom went boom!

    Vacation debris gets put away quicker than just about anything else at FAR Manor. Probably so we don't have to look at it and remind ourselves we're not still on vacation. :-P

    Running late, of course. Wife had to talk far past midnight last night. Off to the mimes.

  3. I admire the fact that y'all can talk about housekeeping skills and habits with the plural possessive pronouns. Housekeeping has become a real pain in my ass during middle age because E & I have such different standards.

    Case in point: I hate giant piles of useless crap so I organize the house with this in mind in attempts to prevent it from collecting, and I had put a small table in the foyer just large enough to hold mail, keys and a candy dish. But then E inherited some furniture and wanted it where it could be used, so there is now a desk in there that is too big for the space. And whenever she comes home from anywhere, she piles whatever crap she collected out in the world onto this desk (frankly I am afraid to look INSIDE the desk), day after week after month, until it is a giant pile of mostly useless crap with potentially vitally necessary items hidden in between layers of crap like a Cracker Jacks prize. This morning, it hit tree height as well as my tolerance threshold and in order to resist sweeping the entirety of it into the garbage I had to throw a blanket over it, like a corpse.

    May all of you enjoy a day free of useless crap. :)

  4. Andi, I love this picture! So beautiful.

    Housekeeping - you clean, vacuum and dust and 6 months later, you have to do it all over again!

  5. Similar to dina, love that photo Andi. Fantastic perspective there. Were you wet-bellying it?

    We find the post-trip putting-away seems to linger on here too ... and it's definitely both, ha! :D