Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where We Were Is Not Where We Are

Taken on Brown County SP Trail 4. June 28, 2013.

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  1. Good morning to everyone.

    Candis, that sort of layered performance sounds like such a wonderful summertime thing to do, I'm glad you got to go and enjoy yourself. :)

    There's a concert coming up here on the 8th that I want to go and see and should probably embarrassed about it (I'm not!) because the acts are all these mocktacular synth-pop artists from the late 70s (Christopher Cross, Orleans, Gary Wright, Firefall, John Ford Coley, Robbie Dupree and Player) but I love them all. If I'm well enough for it, I'm going to scoot over last minute and try to get a little spacetime-traveling in; backwards and eastwards is where those songs take me.

    The new thing we ordered to serve as a living room tv stand won't meet E's stringent (not really) specifications (the DVR is ONE INCH too large for the shelving), so we are moving it into the newly painted library where it can find itself an alternative lifestyle. I don't really mind shopping (ever since I learned to do it and presuming I can afford it) but furniture-shopping is a giant pain in the ass. For bookshelves, we might try haggling out some custom work with the local Amish.

    Hope you all have a good day, whatever you're up to. Much love to the Fs, be they on a peak or a trail, in a chasm, arroyo or valley.

  2. Candis, that does sound pretty cool. There are lots of acoustic tricks that can be brought to bear, including remote mikes if all else fails. Closest I've come to that kind of performance was when I did a ride-along with one of the kids to a play. Before it started, the cast came out into the seats (in character) to chat with the kids. It was a fun experience.

    Jen, I wanna go! I wanna go! Good luck with the bookshelves; my late uncle used to say the Amish were the sharpest dealers you can find & still be honest.

    Daughter Dearest has been bugging me to replace the thermostat in her room upstairs for a while now, and I tackled it yesterday upon returning home. Not sure why she couldn't have done it herself; if you can read directions and work a screwdriver, you're good. The hardest part was that I've never been able to find the breakers for upstairs. I ended up saying "oh screw it" and pulling the main.

    Another dry day—two in a row is pretty rare this summer!—so it's top down to the mimes again.