Thursday, July 18, 2013

Reach for the Sky

Taken June 20, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Just went outside and it's already warm and really, really humid. Blecch.

  2. ::points up:: What Andi said.

    Kicker is that office a/c is still struggling and not really working very well. Adding insult to injury: home a/c is doing the same. UGH.

    I am ready for fall.

  3. What's got me all hot this week is that people who are usually pretty ethical are taking the inexplicable position that this whole Orson Scott Card boycott is about the man's private opinions instead of about his public crusade against gay people. I have to wonder if the people taking this total chickenshit "don't boycott the artist for his bigotry" position have read any of the things he's written, or if their moral calculus would clean itself up right quick if they actually belonged to a group that he had written these things about. (The heterosexual moderate is to me exactly what the white moderate was to Rev. Dr. King.) Among other things, he has described us as pedophiles and genetic mixups, and he has said he would act to "destroy the government and bring it down" over the mere passage of our civil rights.

    If he were a chicken joint, there wouldn't be a controversy among the people who are advocating no-boycott, but he's a white straight geeky dude who makes his living off comics and fiction, so all of the sudden it's an argument. Yeah, well, I call bullshit on that. This man has sat on the board of the bigoted, hateful National Organization for Marriage for years. He only stepped down this year, and surely it's just a coincidence that this happens to be the year that he wants to make a bunch of money off a Hollywood movie from a demographic that doesn't so much share his hateful views, but his hateful views haven't changed.

    Frankly, even if it were solely about his private opinions, and even if he hadn't been so public with his irrational hatred, this man has given a huge amount of money and time and notoriety to anti-gay organizations, so why does anyone with two ethics to rub together believe that anyone else is under any obligation whatsoever to refrain from organizing against giving the dangerous bigot more money, fame and power? I mean, seriously? What a blatantly dumbass argument.

    I really hope someone who remembers Anita Bryant cream pies Card's smug jerkface at ComicCon. What an epic asshole that guy is.

    That said, I hope you all have a very nice day. :)

  4. Private opinions? I always thought a private opinion is one you keep private—i.e., to yourself. Donating money and/or time is as much a public statement of opinion as speaking or writing words about, let alone being an activist for the cause. It's funny how these suddenly become "a private opinion" when it's having a negative effect on the ol' wallet. What I don't understand is how people can say, with a straight face, that their opinion on something that has no effect (not even a potential effect) on their own lives should be the law of the land.

    The phone line is buzzing, making the DSL a PITA. This happens after every heavy rain event. I need to 1) call support, 2) seriously consider going into the office for the rest of the day. :-(

  5. Jen, I agree with you about Card. No way am I going to the movie. And apparently he stole a major thingy from Ursala K. LeGuin. The fact that she didn't mind is irrelevant to me.

  6. Ditto on Card - I began not buying any of his stuff a few years back after hearing about this horrendous screed he'd posted, basically saying that all LGBT people should be dead.


    Actively campaigning against people like me is not private.

  7. Likewise on Card. I don't do things that lead to him getting more money.

  8. ::loves you guys::

    1. This is the first time I've been sorry that I've never been interested in anything that Card has written (or anything based on anything he's written) 'cause now I can't say I'm kicking his sorry ass to the curb.