Friday, July 5, 2013

Morning's Green

Taken June 10, 2013.

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  1. No AARRGGGG!!!!!!!!! morning to all but especially Whit. :)

  2. We got lots of rain yesterday, which was good, because we also got lots of folks outside playing with firey splodey things. Our neighbors are not exactly the brightest stars in the galaxy so we always half expect to wake up on the 5th with something having been scorched and it's nice whenever nature colludes with our side to make that a challenge too difficult for your average fifth grader.

    Congrats to Larry on the book stuff, and a good day to you all.

  3. Yippee, back to the mimes. Then it's a Sat. morning flight to FL to spend the weekend with the bro before everyone else joins us. DD assures me she got a resort with wifi, so I should be able to join you next week.

    I think I heard one boom last night. The rain was just too aggressive for outdoor stuff. I'm SO looking forward to navigating around downed trees in a few. :-P

  4. Good morning Andi, Jen and Larry,

    I see my last post took last night. So I'll let it roar down to a quieter aarrgg!!!!

    Jen there's something to be said about seeing 5th graders with fireworks. I think I've told this story, but when my brother and I were about that age we would take Roman Candles and march off 10 paces. You get the picture, we'd turn light the fuses and then try to hit each other with the resulting explosions. I can't remember either one of us ever being hit, but we did try. :)

    Larry I'm echoing Jen on congrats on the book and I'm glad you're getting a little vacation time. We're supposed to get rain today but nothing like what you've had. Just look out for those downed trees while driving down.

    Everyone take care and have a good w/e.

  5. Hi, all. Glad the fireworks are over but not half as glad as the cats are.