Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Hanging Out

Taken June 19, 2013 at Brown County State Park.

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  1. Hot and humid morning (and afternoon and evening and the next day and the next and so on) to you all (except those of you lucky enough to escape it).

    Larry, congrats and may your numbers soar.

    Jen, keep that fine decorating up and next thing you know you'll be on HGTV. :) P.S. love that bookcase.

    Keep cool, Dina.

    Hope you strike a rich vein, Kelly.

  2. Morning!

    Got the car properly licensed yesterday, all zee papierzz are in ordaire. Work wasn't too bad, I caught up on a recorded presentation and filled out some training feedback surveys to test them (found a couple things that could be improved upon). Got my inbox cleaned out, so it's all good.

    Mason hadn't had a nap yesterday, and while I was helping Daughter Dearest with something, he checked himself into bed at 7:30 and zorched right out. He woke up at 5 for a potty break, but he's still asleep at the moment.

    Kelly, thanks much. Traction is happening; Water and Chaos is above 4000 in the Amazon rankings this morning! :-D

  3. Hola, gang!

    I so want to jump into that cool, cool water today. Scorcher in the works for most of the week and the office a/c is NOT happy today. ::is grumpy::

    Hope everyone's been doing well.

  4. Lovely, cool and serene - I want to jump into that picture too. As long as it is that picture! (Does anyone remember the great Night Galleries episode about jumping into pictures?)