Saturday, July 20, 2013

Got Glow?

Taken June 21, 2013.

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  1. Woo hoo, it's ONLY going to be 88 today. Happy Saturday to all.

  2. 88 here too. I should try to knock off a few things on my personal todo list while it's 72 out right now. Ha!

    Father in law had two stents put in yesterday. He's doing well. I asked him (through texting the wife) when he thought he'd be up to running a 10k. I think the wife answered for him: "tomorrow or when you're in shape."

    If only there was a way to make coffee brew faster…

  3. Larry, best wishes to your FIL for a speedy and full recovery. Wishing you all a great weekend.

  4. Getting ready to bake on the bike in a little bit. Looking forward to Yosemite next week. Current temp. 48°F.

  5. Larry, best wishes to your FIL. I hope all goes well.

    Another heat advisory today. It was supposed to be better but I guess not.

    I hate the heat!

  6. Not surprisingly, "ONLY 88" was still enough to turn me into a sweaty whimperer. I think* it's going to be below freezing some nights when we are hiking in the High Sierras. Bring it on!

    Goo luck to your father-in-law, Larry.

  7. Father in law is doing wonderfully - thanks for all your good thoughts! He's already home.

    Off to the shower to de-stickify myself. I sweat way too much in the summer.