Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feeling Edgy

Taken , 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Hope everyone has an easy ride over the hump, except Larry -- because who wants an easy ride when you're out cruising in a Miata. :)

  2. Danni heads out to walk to the library. She recognizes an elderly lady who had eaten at the center

    Fwiw, Janet, it is so highly likely that the lady did not recognize Danni that I'd bet money on it. The sort of interaction you described isn't usually, in my experience, a function of poor character, it's almost always a result of people's neurological function deteriorating and their impulses and reflexes sort-of taking over because complex thinking isn't coming around as often as it used to.

    Mild forms of age-related dementia are extremely common, facial recognition goes out the window with even the mild forms, and anxiety and fear skyrocket. I grew up around a lot of aging WWII vets in SoFla, including Holocaust survivors, and they were -- understandably -- a quaky bunch in general as they rounded dementia circle. We kids all had to learn a variety of tactics to interact with them in public spaces without freaking them out. And sometimes they freaked out anyway. By the time I was a teenager I even had to be super careful approaching my own grandfather (also a WWII vet) (but not a Holocaust survivor) because he couldn't recognize me anymore, no one was ever going to take away his guns, and "strangers" would totally freak him out.

    If Danni intends to keep doing volunteer work with the elderly, she should understand that this sort of thing will surely be a fairly regular, ongoing part of her experience. It's also common for it to operate in the other direction in the sense that sometimes older folks whom she barely knows/doesn't know at all will confuse her for someone they know very well, which sometimes can be kinda nice and other times can be legitimately emotionally traumatizing, depending on the details. She can probably learn a lot of useful tips and tricks by googling around for sociological literature/scholarly journal articles on elder-care.

  3. Hola, gang - no longer morning.

    Managed to bork my holiday weekend by getting sick (yeah, chronic illness sucks). Ended up taking 2 sick days that I can ill afford on Monday & Tuesday (yes, the pun was deliberate.) Feeling better today, though & made it in to the mimes.

    The non-recognition thing - yeah, even me, who is not elderly has a problem with recognition. I can often see a face and think "I know this person from somewhere" and be right, but more and more these days, I'll just stare at you and not recognize you at all. Oftentimes, the fact of seeing someone outside the normal environment is enough to mess with my brain. And yeah, dementia just explodes that.

    Larry, congrats on the book launch! Here's a bit of an amusing story for you: Hipster urban farmers learn that chickens are hard to raise, animal shelters inundated with unwanted hens.

    Hope everyone is taking good care & enjoying each day.