Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eats Like a Bird


  1. Could hummingbirds be Harry Potter fans who love pretending they're having a quidditch match?

  2. HUMMINGBIRD CHORUS: We invented Quidditch.

  3. Hungry hungry hummers!

    We get that kind of action at our feeder, sometimes. There's one who patrols it and tries to chase off the other birds.

    Vacation. I bought my brother's Miata last night, so I'll be driving home solo. The only good thing about waking up early here is that the wifi isn't getting slammed. There will be pix, mostly of DD and Mason on the beach, in a while.

  4. Jim, what is your recipe? Seriously. My hummers haven't touched a drop this season. I suspected our feeder was on too tight but no go.

    Survived the Fourth. But we've had the booms since late June. I don't mind the Fourth of July. It's June 28th and July 7th that I do mind.

    All is well. Still kicking it with the smoothies and having tons of energy.

    Watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead twice in one day. Second time I had hubby watch with me. I just got my Breville Juicer for $149. My vitamix doesn't exactly juice. So I'll be doing smoothies and juices as well as continuing to eat before 7. Lost an inch off my arms and thighs. Snoopy Happy Dance.

    So Danni volunteers at the Elsie Suhr Center during the summer where the Meals on 2/Wheels meals are prepared and also served. Last week, after a long hot day in the kitchen, Danni heads out to walk to the library. She recognizes an elderly lady who had eaten at the center. So she asks if she can point her in the direction of the library. The lady then turns into a bitter, miserable old cuss and states that she calls the police on teenagers. She held onto her purse tightly and Danni feared that the lady either thought she was a purse snatcher or worse... that maybe the old lady had a gun so she left. She finally made it to the library.

    But what the heck is wrong with people? A kid who just finished volunteering in a hot kitchen for 8 hrs to feed YOU and asks you directions to a library... and some old bitty sneers at her and tells her she calls the police on teenagers like you.

    Good grief. I'd be laughing if it wasn't so sad and twisted.

    I can't for the life of me figure out what this old woman found threatening about Danni. It's a sick shame. I let the center know today as Danni headed out to go volunteer twice this week.

  5. Janet, we boil sugar and water for 2 minutes to evaporate the chlorine in the water. We use 1c sugar for 5c of water. We were using a 1 to 4 ratio but it attracted too many bees. The 1 to 5 ratio still works for the hummers but isn't sweet enough for the bees. Early in the season, we started out with a 2 pairs and now we have at least 10 hanging around. Judging by the number of recently fledged woodpeckers and other immature birds at the feeders, it was a good year for raising young.

  6. Awesome and Thanks Jim!

    This video is Dylan Cat's favorite show for now. I have to hold on to my laptop LOL