Friday, July 26, 2013

Blue Green

Taken June 28, 2013.

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  1. Morning all!

    There's been a cool-down. Death Valley was hitting 130 a few weeks ago, with lows around 95. I hope to see pics, esp of the museum. The internment was a horrid chapter in our history.

    Spent a fair bit of the evening cleaning up some junk in the garage. The driver-side door speaker in the Miata doesn't work, and I did verify that the wires are carrying sound, so I'll replace them both as soon as I get paid (either by Amazon or the dayjob, whichever comes first). Then it was inside to do some editing for one of the co-op people (who writes incredibly fast and really needs sharper eyes than mine). I'll try to wrap that up this weekend, especially if it rains a lot.

    Fri-DAY! Fri-DAY! Fri-DAY! Rum-thirty in 12 hours… mark!

  2. Happy Friday all (especially the worker bees). Hiked up to a mountain crest at 10,500 feet yesterday. Hard work for someone who lives at 900 feet but great payoff.

    We're going off the grid today. No Internet (and mostly no electricity) until some time on August 1. So talk among yourselves for the next week.

  3. Hope the Fs are remembering to push fluids on their high altitude adventures. /mother hen

    Hey Larry what year is that Miata? If it's new enough to have computers in it, then while you've got the wiring exposed, you might want to install some safety gear, considering the new bag of tricks the computers open up.

  4. Happy Friday, everyone. Still cooler here and I am very happy to be saying that.

  5. Jen, it's a '92. It has an ECU, but it predates the OBD codes they use now, so I think I'm probably OK. I'd like to put a rollbar in it anyway, just for extra protection.