Saturday, July 13, 2013

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Taken June 17, 2013.

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  1. Happy weekend to you, too.

    Here's hoping that all appliances work for everyone.

  2. Happy w/e to everyone.


  3. Weather was gorgeous yesterday and Jim and I took advantage of it to go on a really nice hike on the Scarce O'Fat Ridge* trail. Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday as much as we did.

    * local lore says it got its name from the soil being so poor that all the people, cows, and hogs that lived on it never got enough to eat.

  4. It was incredibly lovely out yesterday, I'm glad you Fs were able to enjoy it. So far I've managed to avoid a summer flare of chronic illness so I stayed in because the heat is notorious for setting it off. (This is the latest/hottest I've ever gone without a summer flare, and they really suck, so at this point I am basically a superstitious villager making offerings at every altar I pass.)

    We've been doing some work on the house interior so home has been a little chaotic for a while but when we're done we'll have: a pantry that we will use in the dining room space that we haven't been using (this is halfway done and I already love my pantry); a new living room (presently virtually empty) and a new parlor/receiving space (presently a semi-functional storage area); since Ruby's kittens have outgrown their nursery (which used to be my writing space), we're converting that into a library (about which I am very excited, as I have wanted a home library since I was 3); and finally, we're converting E's unused office space into a den/gym (about which she is very excited because the sugar diabetes also sucks).

    So much work! But worth it because I am stuck home all the time and these space changes will be major upgrades to my daily life. Hope everyone has a relaxing/productive/entertaining day, as you wish.

  5. Gorgeous pic, Andi! Jen, glad to hear that you've avoided a flare thus far. Fingers crossed that it holds out. I'm up to my eyeballs in work—just got my edit letter on the middle grade novel and it's an order of magnitude more work than I'm used to with edits. This would be an eek moment, even if I didn't have another Blade book due in 4-1/2 months. As it is. Contractors arrive tomorrow morning to disrupt my sleep schedule. Sigh. Also to add on deck for hot tub and new writing studio. Yay! Going to chase my tail until I keel over now.