Monday, July 15, 2013

Among the Greenery

Taken June 20 & 26, 2013.
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  1. Welcome to Monday all.

    Jen, your homework sounds fabulous.

    But yours, Kelly, seems a mix of bad homework (lots of revising) and good homework (new place to do that revising).

  2. I'm alive, back at the Manor, and vacation is over. One out of three, anyway.

    Kelly, good luck with the edits. At the dayjob, I've had manuals come back where it looked like the reviewer just connected her red pen to an artery.

    Jen, that sounds great! I've yearned to turn The Boy's room into a library ever since he left for the first time, just to keep him from moving back in. Didn't happen, and of course he's back. :-P Good times to both of you on the renovations.

    An author interview went live on the Masquerade Crew blog while I was on vacation. My "Mentions" feed on Twitter is overflowing with people tweeting the link. Last time this happened was with Accidental Sorcerers, and we know how that went. ;-) Now Water and Chaos is starting to climb. :-D So I think I've figured out this marketing thing: get an entertaining interview on a major blog.

    Yesterday was Fiddle with Cars Day. The Boy, after I told him not to, stuck his Acura in the garage space I'd cleared for the new arrival while on vacation. Then, when I yelled at him about it, took his cousin home & spent the night there. So he returns in time for breakfast, and he says we have to push the car out because it's in terrible shape—missing and burning lots of oil—but he started it and backed it the rest of the way after we couldn't push uphill. He opened the hood and was talking about needing a ring job, maybe a new ignition system. "What's that wire?" I ask him, pointing to a thick bare-ended cable. "Power for your stereo?"

    "Yeah. The fuse holder melted, so I took it off."

    I picked up the other end, dangling from the battery. "You need to pull this off."


    I let the wire go, and it went pop as it touched the engine block. "That's why. It's bouncing around, shorting out, and that's why your car's missing."

    He wasn't in a wonderful mood after that… I think perhaps a little miffed at his own brain-fart.

    So, it's time to jump in that Miata and head to work, I think. *sigh*

  3. Andi, I just finished painting the old nursery/new library a gorgeous shade of orange; it's either burnt desert orange or harvest pumkpin orange, depending on one's perspective, I suppose. Next up in that room is steam-cleaning the carpet, installing a custom closet organizer thingamabob (that's a technical term), then building litter box hider-spaces out of a storage bench (not that particular bench) and a bookshelf-cabinet (not that particular cabinet either) (we are just stealing these genius ideas).

    Kelly, all the best with the revisions as well as the renovations. Better to have too much work than not enough. AUTUMN HOT TUB PARTY AT KMC'S! If you're still working, ya poor sap, we'll tap a keg with the doctor and jam right outside your window. ;p

    Hope everyone has a good week.

  4. Larry, just your stories about The Boy make me exhausted, lol. I hope you guys are able to get your cars back to smooth function and that your marketing interview makes the parts and labor costs feel like chump change.

  5. Hi, all. We have a heat advisory here and I am exhausted just reading about everyone's doings.

    May all the projects go well.

  6. Andi, that 'splains it nicely. Larry, thanks, I'll need it. This wasn't so much with the copy edits, more like three or four simple declarative sentences with 15,000 words of new material implications. Glad to hear the interview is drawing eyeballs—promotion is tricky stuff. Jen, thanks, and totally up for the hot tub party plan.

    And now back to the word mines.