Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wet Head

Taken June 6, 2013.

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  1. A bonus Sunday post!

    As if I weren't itchy enough from chigger bites, I rolled a bunch of junk out of one side of the detached garage & started re-hanging all the fallen insulation. There's a bunch of lumber in the rafters, leftovers from previous owners, and I found some thin strips that I used to support the stuff in the middle. I probably need to do the same along the top. But the second half should go much easier, now that I have the space cleared & have everything in place. We need to alert a sister-in-law that she needs a new place to store her stuff, because I need the space now.

    Stay cool, everyone.

  2. Oh look, the blog gave me a birthday post! So pretty.

    ::happy 43rd birthday dancin with myself::

    No one would've ever bet I'd make it this far, including me, but I'm happy to be here. :) I hope everyone has a great day, whatever y'all get up to.

  3. This post was an accident -- I screwed something up as it was supposed to be a post for next week which is why I left you (Jen) a birthday greeting in yesterday's post: [LINK]

  4. Hockey Birthday Kiddo! Totally sucks that you are one year younger than me. :) "Twins" the really, really, really hard way.

    I am pooped. Has been hot and humid here all week. Planted all the flowers Wes and I got earlier. My beloved red dahlias which seem to love my garden. Several echinaceas and a battered by on sale Fox glove - to go next to my Tiger lilies. I know Fox Glove is poisonous but it's also a native here and it's a super high sun area of my yard. Plus it will help the bees. A local Target killed bumblebees, honey bees and ladybugs a week or so ago. Largest bumble bee massacre in North America history. Bastards!

    Got my tomatoes in pots and planted marigolds in with them. Hoping they work out this year. Haven't had any luck so far. Now we need to remember to water all this schtuff. :)

    Watched Key Largo again last night as I tried to drift off to sleep. Tell me again why prohibition is a good thing? How it cuts back on crime? ROFL. Key Largo is all about the bad guys wanting prohibition back so they can be on top again. So Rocko can be Emperor again.... Some just never learn I guess.

    Since we've been here where fireworks are legal, we've always stated that we wouldn't buy more than what we've donated to charity. We've had to amend that. We can buy 25% of what money we donate to charity. Of course we don't count in time or man hours. Just donations of cash. One day the IRS will audit us for all the donations. We had to audit ourselves over fireworks allowance versus charity. LOL