Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tumbling Down

Taken May 30, 2013.

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  1. Morning all.

    Hope you are feeling better today, Maria.

    Wow, Janet, that trip sounds fantastic.

    Glad you are okay, Larry, but much sympathy to the folks that lost their jobs.

  2. Those stones aren't rolling, anyway.

    Hump day! Um… later.

  3. Oh, and guess who I stumbled across on Twitter? There can't be two Rick Bylinas in the world who write mysteries, can there? @RickBylina if you want to follow-pile him. :-P

  4. Hi, all. The heat is bad here - so bad I didn't realize I forgot to check in yesterday. So basically what Andi said!

    Here's to cooler times.

  5. I think your "tumbling down" header was prescient, Andi - as SCOTUS kills DOMA and Prop 8 this a.m. ::is a happy camper::

    Still grumbly about the VRA decision yesterday, though.

    Definitely feeling better today, thanks.

    Larry, bummer about the job stuff. I've been a layoff survivor and it's often harder to deal with.


  6. LOL, yup, here we are complaining about the heat after Endless November!!!

    Yay for equality! As for VRA, I've been saying for a while that it should be extended nationwide. It's not just here in the Say-outh where there's voting shenanigans. I think that would fix the part the SCOTUS struck down, too.

    Maria, I have my layoff contingency plan in place: hang my eBook formatting shingle and start advertising. Boss sent an email saying we lost one contractor in Chicago, and there will be a townhall (probably when I'm on vacation) to cover the basics.