Saturday, June 22, 2013

Standing for Green

Taken May 25, 2013.

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  1. Having a great time morning to all. And a happy Saturday.

  2. Hey all! How did the old broads meetup go, Andi?

    I think I picked up a cold on the way to Wisconsin. The upside it that it got me out of garden duty this morning with the Queen of Scope Creep. The Boy & Daughter Dearest went, and Mason is doing a quiet morning at the moment.

    Here's hoping the crankypants stay in the drawer, and the cat barf stays off the floor, all weekend long!

  3. New laptop weekend! Well, it's not NEW-new, but it's new to me, and much nicer than the last one I had. Everything is so shiny, speedy and quiet.

    Good wishes to all.

  4. Everyone have a good weekend.

  5. Still having a great time with the old broads morning to you all. Hope you've been having as fine a weekend as I have.

  6. Yay Jen for new used laptop!

    The cold is being polite & letting me function. I got a few things done. If I get the Water and Chaos edits back, I'll be pretty excited… but I'm not counting on it.

    Man, it's been a loooong week. But I've got a one-way flight scheduled to Tampa on July 6, my bro & I are going to hang out for the weekend while the rest of 'em drive down, then I buy his Miata & drive it home after getting sunburned for a week! Crazy days of summer, indeed.

  7. Yesterday while Andi was up in Indianapolis with her friends, I went over to Cincinnati to see by mom and brother. As I was wheeling my mom into the restaurant for lunch, I looked up to see a very large bird gliding down toward the nearby Little Miami River. I thought it was a really big hawk until it banked and I saw its white tail feathers and head. The northern part of Cincy has a bald eagle. No pictures unfortunately and it happened so fast that Mom couldn't find it before it dropped below the tree-line. But she liked the idea that something so wild is living so close to her nursing home.