Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spider Caught

Spiderwort taken May 24, 2013.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Sore but who cares it was a great hike morning to all.

    Jen, I can definitely empathize on the rug-puking. It's like the critters are programmed to ignore the wooden or tile floors.

    Gorgeous place, Larry. Sorry all you can do is wave as you go by.

    Funny that we both bought that book first, Maria. Show our excellent taste. :)

    Hiya, Dina.

  2. Morning, all.

    Yesterday was a weather bust - morning sunshine was only a tease. Today seems to be improving, however.

    I'm wearing the crankypants today thanks to my right shoulder which continues to ache something fierce and a stupid [insert many curse words] project manager who is less than useless & continues to frustrate me. Le sigh.

    Tomorrow is our end-of-fiscal-year party @ the mimes. I'm so not going to interrupt my day off by coming in for it.

    Happy Thursday!!

  3. Happy Thursday, everyone. Seating here trying not to sneeze as they mow the lawn. The cats are in deep hiding. But it is a beautiful day here so I am glad for that.