Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Road Taken

Taken May 23, 2013.

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  1. Middle of the week morning to all. It's supposed to be a gorgeous day here and Jim and I are planning to take advantage of it by going for a hike at the nearby state park.

  2. I will fondly imagine the Fs enjoying their day while I'm re-steam-cleaning the portion of carpet upon which Gizzy puked roughly her body weight in fish. UGH.

    Wishing you all a considerably less vomitous (spell check tags "vomitous" because it likes giving me a stick in the eye) day.

  3. And a very early good morning to all! This trip was designed as a bing-bang-boom thing: bing was the trip up here, bang the loading of a U-haul, and we'll soon begin boom (return trip, although it could have also described how I fell into bed after driving all night). If we leave right now, could be home before midnight. Unfortunately, we'll be sailing right on through Columbus again. :-(

    We went disc golfing yesterday at a park along Lake Michigan. is a shot I took from one of the tee areas. Now if I can get The Boy moving at 6:30am, hahaaaa…

  4. Morning, gang!!

    Bummer on the carpet, Jen. :(

    Andi, re: Autobio of Mark Twain - first thing I bought, too!

    We're expecting awesome weather for about a week!! Only, it's gotten all cloudy & gray again. Not sure what happened.

    Nice pic, Larry!

    I'm glad it's the middle of the week.

  5. Hi, all. Ugh to the carpet, Jen. I was also greeted with a surprise deposit this morning but not bad, particularly after hearing about yours!

    Happy whatever day.