Thursday, June 13, 2013

Over and Above

Taken May 19 & 20, 2013.
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  1. Much ado about nothing morning. That storm didn't come within 100 miles of us. We didn't even get any rain.

  2. We got slammed and soaked, but the only damage was some lost sleep when Lucy and pals crawled underneath me at 2am, and then again when I had to get out of bed early to haul out the trash I wisely decided not to leave on the curb overnight in the 60+mph gusts.

    Good day to you all.

  3. We're in for a few tense hours this evening. But it's supposed to be nice summer weather until then.

    Good to hear everyone made it through OK!

    Maria, what made your glasses so expensive? Matrix needs to add vision care to their bennies.

  4. "A sweaty day with serious storm potential" - Capital Weather Gang headline this a.m. - morning storms were a bust, but the afternoon ones expected to be dangerous. Whee?

    Andi & Jen, glad you made it through okay.

    Larry, my glasses tend to be expensive b/c of progressive lenses & I usually get coatings for scratch resistant & suchlike. We've got vision coverage, but it's pretty crappy. :(

    Happy Thursday, all!

  5. Raining here and I have heard some thunder in the distance but so far not bad at all. Luckily I have nothing planned so I don't need to go out in this.

    Happy Thursday!