Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Moving Right Along

Taken May 22, 2013.

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  1. Whit-you-really-need-to-start-blogging-again morning to all.

    Let me know if you have time for a stop on the way back, Larry.

  2. Good morning to you all. There was a large deer in our yard yesterday and it really freaked out the cats but fortunately its head was still attached so the humans were not terribly alarmed.

    Jen I have something to say to you. You are the only person that ever made me totally speachless (sp) at Booman's. You asked me one time as a person if I wasn't a mass murder. It took me so by surprise that I thought why would anybody think that. Then I got to thinking, we don't really know each other.

    Whit, although my childhood experience was tragic and that has indeed caused me to be more suspicious and less trusting of seemingly "nice" strangers in the world at large, please know that I have never seriously thought you were a bad person of any sort or type. When I said that, it was supposed to be a joke, and it was based on my impression of you as being SO INCREDIBLY NICE! :) I was playing off of the fact that whenever the cops finally manage to round up a real deviant, such as a serial killer, that's what all of his neighbors will always say in the tv news interviews: "Wow, really? But he was such a nice, polite guy."

    I suspect it's not only me who reads your presentation as almost preternaturally harmless and sweet, which sets you apart from most folks, especially online where a lot of people seem to feel more free to unleash their nastier impulses. In political forums, too, people are so vicious to each other, but you were always such a gentleman, it was just striking, and I'm sorry that I didn't find a more pleasant analogy to communicate that to you, lol. I have never truly believed that you could give Hannibal Lecter a run for his money. ;p

    Speaking of which, has anyone else been watching Hannibal? The ratings would suggest no, and it is certainly not for the squeamish, but if you can get past the serial killing and the cannibalism, what Fuller is doing is art. Of course it's not his original story, but still, what he's doing with it is amazing. And Scott Thompson, (of Kids in the Hall fame) (I love them all but especially him) shows up regularly as one of the CSIs.

    Safe travels to Larry & The Boy and a good day to everyone.

  3. Eek, sorry for the wall o text.

    1. I'm never sorry for a wall of your text. I just wish it would happen more often.

  4. Morning, gang!

    Enduring the consistent inconsistency of the weather, though today is supposed to be the last of the storms for now.

    Jen, I heard Hannibal was pretty good, but I'm a bit squeamish, so I've given it a pass.

    FYI, if you have a Kindle or read Kindle books via the app, there is a 99 cent sale on more than 700 books from HarperCollins publisher. The link will take you to a list 44 pages long. I ended up buying about 20 books, some to get an ebook copy of paperbacks I own(ed), since I have trouble reading that format anymore. Some new to me that sounded interesting. Not sure when the sale ends. Oh yeah, some of the "books" are short stories, so be aware.

    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thanks for that link! First thing that leaped out at me was "The Autobiography of Mark Twain".