Friday, June 21, 2013

In Clover

Taken May 25 & 30, 2013.
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  1. Feeling old in a good way morning to all. Going to my annual old broads meetup today. It'll be 45 years in September since we all first met at college. Hope everybody has a fine a weekend ahead.

  2. Wishing Andi a great visit with the old broads, wishing Dina some easily breathable pollen-free air (and sympathy; moving to the midwest brought out pollen allergies I didn't even know I had, blegh), and hoping that Maria's crankypants are now in the dirty clothes hamper. ;)

    And a very good day to the restayas, as my Gram would say.

  3. Hi, all. Andi, that sounds wonderful. I have lost touch with all my college friends - wish I could still talk to them.

    Jen, thanks. The good thing about the pollen was it stopped being bad as soon as they stopped mowing. I can live with that.

    Maria, happy Friday off day. I hope things are better.

    Hi to everyone else!