Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Sorry

Taken May 29, 2013.

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  1. Really I am but I just can't resist a cool spider or spider web picture.

    Yay for the DOMA and Prop 8 decisions. Crap on the VRA one.

  2. "Spider, I'm sorry I took a stick and wrapped you up in your own web, that you strung right across my walkway. Not really."

    Shiny new book cover on my blog at 8! Only 40 minutes!

  3. And you SHOULD be sorry!!!! ::g::

    Hooray for new book cover, Larry!

    I get to pick up my new $$$$ glasses tomorrow morning. Whee?

    Looking forward to the weekend.

  4. Love the book cover, Larry. And the spider picture, Andi. Pictures of spiders don't usually bother me. It is there actual presence that I find difficult.

    Maria, those glasses better be the best ever!

    Happy almost weekend.

  5. Thank Dawg for strong women!! Wendy Davis, I think I love you (but what am I so afraid of?) - The Patridge Family - it burnzzzzzzzzzz. :)

    Congrats to Farfaroni and Maria!!!

    Been doing dental work these past two Wednesdays. Last Monday, my back tooth chiped and the filling came "undone". Worked two days like that. It didn't hurt to much but man was it a trigger. I didn't realize it until I was in the dentist chair explaining why I was so emotional... then it hit me. the last time my tooth had broken... I didn't apologize (as I normally do when I think I'm being Abby Normal, I just was matter of fact about it and how now I understand why it all had been so draining and upsetting. Then I was good to myself.

    Hadn't been to a dentist in a LONG time. Been busy with Wesley's dental needs all this time but now I'm on a plan of positive steps forward. They did scaling cleaning this Wednesday and more in July then on to a Periodontist (sp)

    But explains why I've been so drained.

    Mmmmm Spiders. Wayne and Danni HATE em. Upon hearing of our travel plans to the Yucatan, Danni found out that TARANTULAS are wild there. LOL. Wes doesn't want to miss any hockey. But I don't want to go during any nasty weather.

    Off to go placate Wayne with a small fishing trip to Estacada. Bah Hummbug, Grumble. Yawn. Is it over yet? Who knows I might even enjoy it. Shhhhhhhhhhh.

  6. Partridge Family kicked The Brady Bunch in the butt. In my humble opinion.

    PF, had a single mom who was in a band with her kids who seemed to be Free Range. Kids were always off doing something independently.

    I always though the Brady Bunch was dysfunctional. So much drama over little issues. The Mom didn't work but had a live in maid who wore a uniform. Fake grass in the yard. Kids who couldn't do anything by themselves. Kinda like a cult. LOL. Cuhreepy.

    Only prob with Partridge Family was Danny Bonnaducci. ;)

    Let that be the ear worm song for the weekend. I THINK I LOVE YOU!

    Passes the wall of text to Sister Jen.

  7. Andi, that is a really cool spider photo.

  8. Crap! It worked ... I've been trying to get comments to post for a while now and they wouldn't go through ... so frustrating.