Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fracturing Light

Taken May 14, 2013.

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  1. Nice! It has a reptilian look to it. Scaly water.

    I've posted the blurb/log line voting results, plus a summary and mini-rant about the SFWA controversy.

    Hope everyone has a great Wed. Me, I'm working at home.

  2. Lovely water pattern!

    Today is as gorgeous a day as yesterday. I want to put a stasis field around it and experience this weather all the time.

    Went to see Iron Man 3 last night - totally awesome!! Plus, it passed the Bechdel test with flying colors (pun intended). As always, the post-credits scene was brilliant.

    Larry, the SFWA brouhaha leaves me with no words. The overall organization is wonderful. They have been (and still are) working with me and the other authors who were represented by the Vicinanza Agency since Ralph (the agency owner) died suddenly and without a clear business will.

    That said, there is most definitely a cadre of conservative asshats who think their crusted-over attitudes are still shiny & acceptable. Unfortunately, many of these guys (and yes, they are mostly old white men), are also lifetime members or at the very least, long-term members of the old, once well-respected, guard, leading to a certain weight to their spoutings.

    On that note, I shall return my focus to the mimes and concentrate on neutral things, like documentation. ::g::

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Afternoon All,

    Just got back from the hospital. Spent 3 days in. The Dr. told me the reason I had trouble walking was because of muscle deterioration and the enzyme that shows that was like 30 times over what it should be. He told me that usually they see this when someone has done extreme exercising or sever exposure to the sun. I told him I hadn't done any of that and I'm a pretty sedate person. So they gave me medicines and pushed fluids and it's back to normal. Although I'm still having trouble walking he said to give it time. Other than that, I'm happy to be home.

    Hope everyone has a good hump day and a good week ahead.


    1. So sorry to hear that but I'm glad to know you are out of the hospital and back home. Hope your recovery goes well.