Friday, June 28, 2013

Fern of a Different Color

Taken June 2, 2013.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning all.

    Larry, that is way cool cover.

    Hope the new glasses feel worth the money, Maria.

    I'm really glad you're okay with the spider pictures, Dina -- not that I'd stop posting them if you weren't. ;)

    Ouch at the tooth, Janet. Here's hoping all your dental visits are mercifully short ('cause I know they aren't likely to be painless).

    Yay for being able to comment again, Candis.

  2. Andi, I really love pictures of spiders' webs and if an occasional spider slips in, it is well worth it. As long as it is only pictures.

    I decided this year to try to grow cherry tomatoes on my porch with the help of a gardening friend, Donna. I have FOUR teeny tiny tomatoes already. I just hope they survive the thunderstorms.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Love the Fern foto, Andi! Frankly, I've found I have a fetching friendly fondness for ferns.

    Dina, yesterday, I too, piced up a yellow pear cherry tom and a Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tom and a Beefsteak tom. THIS year I will have tomatoes in the garden!!! Oh... they aren't going in the garden which is becoming lovely after all these years. The tomatoes will be in pots. I've been told they liked to be cramped up in a pot of their own. So we shall see.

    I now remember why I hate fishing... tried again yesterday with Wayne and boy did it suck. BORING. He's off on his bike to go to the same site by himself. I'm going to do some errands, plant the tomatoes and Mystic Enchantment dahlias aka RED (I got three more from work on sale) then I will delve into the vacay plan to the Yucatan. I'm learning a lot about the places. Only problem is it's so big. We're going to do a jungle guided tour of Uxmal and stay at a lodg-hacienda. But I really like the Colonial architecture and Bohemian artsy feel of the city Merida. But it's hours away from the ruins and not at a snorkeling area. Gulf is 30 mins away but not the snorkeling mecca of the Cancun side. We've been told to stay away from Cancun. Only place with violence and warnings. Mexico is pretty severe right now... but Yucatan is safe.

    I just keep getting stressed and unfocused about it all LOL. Wayne goes from, "let's keep the cost down." (DUH!) to "let's stay for 20 days". He's leaving it all up to me. YET... he has the say on time of year, how long and $. So I'm coming up with several itineraries. But it's all fun.

    Fourth started here last week... Blech. And why is it so freaking hot and humid here? Even when it's raining (as if it was March!) it's stinking muggy. Reminds me of when we lived on Guam. The Jet Stream is broken and no amount of duct tape is going to fix this mess.

  4. Hey all!

    Got a little behind (on the blog reading, don't I wish about the other :-P). Thanks for the kind words as always!

    Janet, I've heard the Patio variety of tomatoes are the ones that like being grown in pots. I had a yellow pear come up wild one year, and loved the taste. I try to put in one or two every year. They like to sprawl, so get 'em in cages quick if you don't want them taking up a large portion of your porch. Oh, and tomatoes love that muggy hot weather. "Ain't so bad. It's kinda like Atlanta in June."

    The Boy was going to go disc golfing yesterday evening, but the wife scotched it. Mason was seriously bummed, until I offered to take him berry picking in the woods. The Boy had already sprayed him for bugs, and I wish I'd done myself, but we got a couple good big handfuls each of blueberries and blackberries. The latter might peak on time (July 4), just in time to go on vacation, haha, but at least I can make blueberry pancakes tomorrow morning. I thought I'd wore him out good, tramping through the woods, but he managed to stay awake until around 11.

    Thanks to some open-source tools doing the serious grunt work, I managed to develop a workflow yesterday evening that starts with a validated EPUB and ends up with a typeset PDF. The only human intervention needed is to fix the headers/footers and put page numbers in the table of contents. So the co-op is going to offer paper soon… yippee, I'll be able to send my Dad some of my stuff!

    Friday FRIDAY FRIIIIIIIDAYYYYYYY… soon to see what's going to absorb my entire weekend this time. :-)