Friday, June 14, 2013

Blue Up

Taken May 20, 2013.

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  1. A bit of a brrrr morning. Temp right now is only 56.

    Things to make you re-think having a dog: Bebo found a fawn's head on our walk yesterday and I made her leave it behind. Last night I went upstairs to close the sliding glass door because it was getting cool and there's Bebo on the bed and the deer head on the floor. Guess if it wasn't (apparently) too heavy for her to jump up on the bed with it in her mouth, we would have had a reenactment from the Godfather movie.

  2. ::passes out::

  3. We really need a fainting chaise in here, I could have fallen directly on top of that deer head.

    1. I guess that means it would be a bad idea to post one of the pictures I took of the deer head in our bedroom.

    2. Jen, you delicate flower. :-)

      Just think of it as a big mouse that one of your cats proudly shows you.


    Maria, I've managed to put off bifocals, since I can just take my glasses off for close reading. Yup, I'm backwards… I only need glasses when I'm NOT reading!

    The rain arrived right in the time slot the forecasters said it would. We still had the games, since it was a drench and run system. I've never seen a squall line so perfectly oriented east-west like that, though. Bright and sunny all weekend!

  5. Since Larry asked, how can I refuse. :)

    Don't click this [LINK] unless you want to see it.

    I do have to admit that I deleted the close-up shots I took -- they were really too gross.

  6. Hi all,

    Well instead of mounting it on the wall????

    Been gone for awhile, my keyboard got crashed and living in a small town you have to go a little ways to find a new one.

    Hope everyone is doing fine.

  7. Hi, all. No fawn heads for me. Bad enough if the cats go after an insect!

  8. I clicked the link.

    Not as bloody as I expected (your Godfather comment put that in my mind I think), but does that really make it any better...

    Thinking about why it's not bloody etc. ... um, just no.

    That Bebo ... lol.

    Love the blue and green perspective in today's photo Andi.