Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before Twilight

Taken May 18, 2013.
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  1. Ugh morning -- we're going to get Whit's hot weather today with severe storms forecast for tonight. Looks like you've got pretty much the same forecast, Jen. Hope the forecast is overblown and not the storms.

  2. Yikes. We've just had yet another arborist (spell check tags "arborist" and I've now come to the conclusion that spell check is functionally illiterate) TREE GUY come look at the backyard tree that keeps getting shredded by the weather, and it is one of two trees on the property that are diseased enough to have to come down. Majorly bummed that that's happening at all, and a smidge nervous that it won't happen before this weather.

    Meanwhile, a movie recommendation for you all: Moonrise Kingdom. I pretty much categorically hate romantic comedies, but this movie is a rom-com and it is delightful. It is about two quirky lovestruck 12-year-olds who run away together on a New England island in the 60s, and it is perhaps the most charming film I have ever seen.

    1. I hope your trees survive okay, Jen. I'm pretty much planning on having the power be out for multiple days.

    2. I suppose the movie rec was sort-of cruel then, considering the context. Sorry! ;p Hope you Fs don't go powerless at all, and that it's minimal if it happens.

    3. Nah, I just set up the DVR to record it on Saturday. :)

      And we have a standby generator so we should have power for basic stuff (coffee!).

  3. No, I'm not out of bed yet. You are all happy that you can't see this. My predictive powers are strong, even when I'm barely awake. I also predict that Mason will be the only denizen of FAR Manor who will be out of bed willingly before 10 on Saturday.

    I hope you guys get through the storms with A/C and no drama.

  4. Bracing here for more storms, too. 3 tornadoes touched down Monday night in/around Baltimore area. Bah.

    Also bah was the bill for my new glasses - at the *cheap* price: $830 - that's for basic frames, progressive lenses with scratch coating. The blue-sky ideal pair (same frames) with the mostestbestest lenses: $1600. Can you say OUCH? There went my royalty check...and thank goodness I *got* a check this time. Whew. I'll get the glasses in a week or so.

    Jen, I feel for you re: trees. My folks recently had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to take down a ginormous live oak in front of their house. Took the guys more than 8 hours.

    Happy Odin's Day, all!

  5. Hi, all. We get the bad weather tomorrow. Today is windy but gorgeous.

    Maria, glad that check came. Jen, so sorry about the trees.

    Hope everyone's weather improves!