Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Balancing Act

Taken May 26, 2013.

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  1. Hummingbirds are already out gorging at the feeders morning to you all.

  2. I like balance. Balance is good.

    Taking things 1 day at a time (as always) - had a massive fibro flare over the weekend and today was cursed with the nose that would not stop bleeding. :(

    Working @ the mimes from home so I don't gross people out.

    Of the good - if you like audiobooks, I'm giving away copies of BLOOD HEAT over at my blog. The nice folks at Audible.com gave us 5 freebies to use to promote the recording.

    How's everyone else doing?

  3. Hey all! Explorer sucks LOL.

    Been busy due to end of school for Wes and I've been busy working, going thru garage stuff and kayaking. Best friend was up for her bday from Ca.

    I've lost 17 pounds in two months! But instead of weight, I'm to "check my inches" monthly. So I checked them this weekend after just 3 wks (because I'm stubborn like that) I lost ONE INCH off my biceps and my thighs - belly/waist remained the same. I know this because Wayne did the before and after measuring. So I wouldn't cheat :) That's pretty damn good.

    Anyways. All is well here. Planning on a 20 day trip to the Yucatan in 2015. Taking both kids and doing the ruins Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulem. Then Merida and then Cozumel.

    I think it will be a lovely, relaxing and exhausting adventure. Tour the ruins and a wildlife reserve, possibly swim in a cenote while staying at an Eco Hacienda.


    I'm not sure about the second leg. Centro Historica Merida seems like a great place to rest after the ruins and take in the art and culture. Several museums there and great restaurants. Mariachi bands...

    I love this house:

    Then on to Cozumel. I'm thinking of renting a beach house or a condo with a private beach so that we can beach bum it. I want to teach the kids how to snorkel. Despite the Cruise lines docking there, Cozumel is still a relaxing island. They even have some ruins there. But still eyeballing Belize for a snorkel vacation end.

    Only worry is the ride to Cozumel. I'm not one for boats or ferries. I end up "feeding the fish".

    My favorite fruit is from the Yucatan! Little, yellow mangoes. I can, and will, eat them all day long while there. Who needs water when you have mangoes and tequila?

    Only other vacay was Knott's Berry Farm when the kids were young. I'm so excited! I might be able to wear an actual swimsuit instead of shorts and a big top LOL.

    I just wish I could take you all with me. It's raining like the tropics here.

  4. The expected post-acquisition layoffs hit today. I'm still employed, as are those I deal with on a daily basis. I was told all our contractors got whacked, plus 20 up in Westboro MA. Names are hard to come by, though.

    On the upside, my vacay for July got approved. Only three more weeks worth of vacay days left after that. :-P Like Janet, I'm looking forward to getting away. Even if it's to artificial-everything Florida. I'll be coming home with a Miata to replace my aging Civic, yay!