Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where All the Poplar Kids Hang Out

Taken May 3, 2013.
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  1. Whit, that's awful about your burn and your treatment at the ER. I don't know understand how anybody working in an ER can be so callous. I hope it heals okay.

    So sad about Moore, OK.

    Wishing everyone a better Tuesday.

  2. That's one hell of a burn for boiling water! Good to hear your regular doc got you taken care of, Whit. The ER at the local hospital was like that back in the 80s; you pretty much had to be squirting blood everywhere to get taken care of in less than an hour or two.

    I really can't say any more about Moore than what Andi already did. :-(

    Been editing in beta comments on paper. Page 76 of 116. I hope to smack down half of what's remaining, today at lunch. Two or three parts need rewriting… which, in a novella, is a bunch. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

  3. Oh look the poplar kids are leafing, cool, we'll have the joint to ourselves. ;p

    Maria, bloody noses as a grownup are a weird thing, right? Or is it normal, like from allergies or something? I used to have them all the time as a kid, usually at night, but the only time past age 12 or so was when I spent a lot of time in the desert or got smacked in the face.

    Whit, I'm also sorry your ER experience was so lousy. I hope your burn heals as quickly as possible.

    I think profit has been polluting the healthcare industry for a number of years now and it's going to take at least that long to root out the damage (whenever we get a body politic which decides it's time to get started on that, that is). These kinds of professions have always had their share of sadists -- any profession with a vulnerable population will -- but the rampant "Whatever, prole, just pay me" apathy is a new feature.

    I think I might spend today shopping for a house with a basement. Or maybe a bunker ten stories deep. Gonna need a long cable tv cord.

  4. Morning everyone!

    Very horrible about Norman, OK. Never having been in the direct path of a tornado I don't know the terror the people have felt. We do have them here though (Tuscaloosa 4/11 the last worst ones we had) and I know somewhat of terror of seeking shelter when one is spotted. It was reported this one was 2 mile wide - that's mind boggling.

    Jen I remember in the 70's I trained at a charity hospital. Back then they had them here. I can remember it was always a struggle to get supplies and so on, but I can also remember the people who worked there, were there by choice. The head of our medical made sure that compassion and empathy was there. Actually it was almost preached to us daily. I really hated to see the state close that one hospital, because I knew there were so many people who would not get any care at all. I'm still amazed how much health care has changed in all those years.

    Larry good luck on the editing and Andi have a good one today.


  5. Whit, I am glad that you saw your own doctor. Not good to diagnosis without looking. Idiot!

    I agree about tornadoes. When I lived in Delaware a very small one hit my apartment complex. Only time I was ever grateful for PA law as I was in class when it hit. The most disturbing thing is how arbitrary it was. My unit was basically OK but across the street, the units were condemned. Horrible.

    1. Hi Dina,

      We live about 4 hours from the coast. We get tornadoes from bad weather and they're spawn from hurricanes even this far up. However, the worst I can remember is when I was a kid on a big farm in Arkansas. It was completely flat land with many fields and not many trees. You could see the bad weather coming, but when tornadoes came you could always see those too. Luckily our neighbors had a tornado shelter and we'd always go there. However, in the middle of the night when you're sheltered and hear the winds really howling, it's very unnerving.

  6. Whit, that Tuscaloosa storm was unusually long-lived. It went all the way through Georgia, weakened as it passed FAR Manor, then re-strengthened again. It was spawning tornado warnings all along the way, and did some damage east of us and even into North Carolina, where it finally dissipated. Big V's house has a basement, so we all gathered there and watched the wall-to-wall weather coverage.

    Speaking of bloody noses, Mason gets a lot of them. Thankfully, I slept through last night's episode. I was up with him for the last one, a few nights ago. Daughter Dearest did that a lot when she was his age… just another way he's more like his aunt than his dad.

    1. Hiya Larry,

      Now that you mention it I remember that it was an unusually long-lived storm. The biggest thing I remember is that my niece, nephew and their families live in Tuscaloosa. We were all very worried until we found out they were OK. My nephews house was damaged, but they were OK and that was good enough.