Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Not So Friendly Skies

Taken May 6, 2013.

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  1. Doesn't look like that right now though -- of course, it's still dark but I can see the moon. A good day to all.

  2. Morning Andi,

    Still clear and hot here. It seems now I sort of hoping we get a little rain soon.

    Everyone have a good day.


  3. Morning! I survived the inlaw-laden three-day weekend. :)

    Planning a brief vacation for next weekend.

  4. Thanks for the hockey condolences guys. It was a hard loss. Wesley took it ... not so well. But we are so proud of our boys. They had an official BEST SEASON in all of their history. Which is pretty damn good. :) Most of them played that game with NHL contracts in their pockets and several draft picks and prospects. They are a development team for the NHL after all :)

    Been making smoothies... still. Everyone now loves them in the house. Except Danni, she doesn't like the green ones. Even though they don't taste "green". :) Wayne even sent out an email to his co-workers with the recipes and reminders I've compiled from the net. His co-workers have all been getting Ninjas and Bullets and such. We have an OLD Vitamix that Wayne has had to refab several times. I love it. And I'm losing tons of weight. Even customers are noticing.

    I worked yesterday. ... Yesterday was just another "holiday" for most to go shopping it seemed.

    One day I will be with my great grandkids (if we stop global warming, that is) and we will celebrate a universal holiday that commemorates Peace and those who serve Humanity.

    One day. Imagine.

    Farfaroni, come to Portland for your briefs. :)

  5. Hi, all. We have been seeing skies like that far too often, Andi. Yesterday was lovely but it is raining again today.

    Glad to be home for the day.