Monday, May 20, 2013

The Anti-Meetup

Taken May 2, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Hope today is the start of a good week.

  2. Woke up at 5 this a.m. with a bloody nose (and no, Nicky, this is not a curse least, not in this usage! ::g::) - so yeah, that's a good start to my week. /sarcasm

    I did, however, spend a lovely weekend doing very little. Looking forward to extended weekend coming up (Memorial Day).

  3. Afternoon. I didn't realize how late it was.

    Hope that you are having a better day, Maria. I hate bloody noses.

    Somehow, all the blogs that had disappeared from my main page have magically reappeared. I guess I wasn't supposed to read them over the weekend.

  4. Good morning everyone!

    It's going to be hot today. 89F today and 90F tomorrow. Then thankfully we'll be back down into the mid-80's by mid-week.

    Maria I'm with dina, hope your day is better. Dina I had a blog at one time and I haven't put anything on it since 2010. I checked to see and I don't know why, but it's still there. One thing that surprised me is I have one of those maps at the bottom that shows what country that people are from that look at your blog. It looks like I was visited from all over the world. :)

    I hadn't been feeling too well lately, but once I did with my luck I ended up burning the heck out of my right wrist and hand. It was so bad I ended up going to the E.R. The pain was one thing, but I was more worried about infection. Not trying to sound gross, but I have areas where there's no skin. So I sat in the E.R. waiting room for 2 hours and finally got in. The nurse asked me all these questions off a checklist and then the Dr. finally came in. I had my wrist and hand wrapped up and he didn't even ask to see the burn. He asked what happened and I told him it was a boiling water burn and how bad the burn was. He told me it's a water burn and they heal fast, no problem. Then he left. The nurse finally looked at the wound and redressed it and gave me a script for a silver sulfadiazine cream (it appears I got the industrial size jar) to put on it. After all that waiting and the burn and everything else, I sort of felt - I don't know. I know it wasn't a good experience. Anyway I saw my GP this morning and he prescribed some antibiotics and other stuff and he was surprised the E.R. Dr. didn't. I used to work in hospital E.R.'s in the early to mid 70's. I was thinking I hope I was more compassionate and had more empathy than those people did. However, after working in hospitals I can remember the mind set hospital personnel got into. Some care, to some it's just a job, and to some they could care less one way or the other. I've kept reminding myself that somethings just don't change.

    Well I hope everyone has a good week started and take care.