Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Space Traveler

Taken May 4, 2013.

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  1. Morning all ... and apologies to all the arachnophobes.

  2. My cats are excellent spider hunters. Ruby found one just a few minutes ago and probably would have gleefully tormented it for a while before killing it but I saved it with a trap-n-release into the garage using my trusty spider catchin' kit (plastic cup and King Arthur Flour catalog).

    Yesterday they found a bee. A BEE! I hid in my room with the door closed while E threw shoes at it and then finally kilt it dead with some kind of window cleaning implement, after which the following conversation ensued:

    "Is it dead-dead or just mostly dead?"
    "I cut it in half so I'm pretty sure it's dead-dead."
    "Sure-sure, dead-dead?"
    "Thanks, I don't want to be taking out the trash later and get surprised by a zom-bee on some kind of revenge arc."

    May everybody enjoy a bug-free day.

  3. One reason I hate going south is the size of the bugs. I just have trouble with a live and let live philosophy when it comes to bugs. Though I am happy to let them live far away from me.

    I join Jen in wishing a bug-free day to all!

  4. LOL, "zom-bee." Jen, I take it you're allergic? When my knee starts acting up, I get tempted to go find a nest and get stung—the near-instant relief in the knee is about equal to the pain of the sting. Hospital pharmacies used to stock bee venom for patients with arthritis, for that reason. Spiders… hah. I just get the vacuum cleaner. They can build all the webs they want inside the bag.

    Finished evaluating the deep edits one of my beta readers did. I kept about 90% of it. I wanted to dive in and do a few more things last night, but the wife's client got nitpicky about a bunch of shite AFTER we burned the DVDs. It turned out half of them were bad anyway. We've had terrible luck with Memorex blanks, and with DVD+R blanks. The two of them together… ugh. I took the opportunity to find where you set the bitrate in Toast Titanium, and upped it. Video quality was noticeably better, so there's that.

    1. Jen, I take it you're allergic?

      Heh, nope, just a chickenshit. Intellectually, I appreciate the difference, but instinctively, I react to seeing a bee and hearing a gunshot in the exact same way.

  5. ACK, BUGS!!!!!

    I'm totally DREADING the influx of cicadas that is imminent. ::shivers:: Haven't seen any yet, and hope to keep it that way. I am *all* for a bug-free day/week/month/year.

    Sill looking forward to long weekend.

  6. Morning All!

    I have to admit most bugs don't bother me. Of course, I don't go around playing with wasp or yellow jackets nest. Now snakes are a completely different matter. I don't care the size or if it's deadly or not. I don't want to be around one. If I'm watching TV, I'll turn the channel if a snake comes on screen. If I'm outside and I see one, I go running and screaming like a little kid. Well actually now of days I hobble really fast away, but I'm still screaming. :)

    Larry I remember reading where at one time some hospital were using something made from Cobra venom for pain relief. I don't know where that went, but I do remember reading about it. My b-i-l had a knee re-placement surgery done just last summer. He was quite uncomfortable just after and during physical therapy, but a couple of months later he was fine and he's a pretty active person.

    May the bugs and the beasties be where you want then and have an enjoyable day.