Saturday, May 18, 2013

Not Smooth Character

Taken April 30 & May 2, 2013.
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  1. Happy Saturday to all and a yay to Nicky and Dina on having a great meet-up at Malice (hmmm Meeting at Malice -- sounds like a mystery book title)

  2. Hi, all.

    Well, Blogger decided to eliminate all the blogs I was following. Luckily it was mostly duplicates from feedly and I could get them back but very annoying.

    Here's hoping for a great weekend for us all.

  3. Lessons learned (for the English traveller):
    1) when someone says 'Gee, I love your accent,' do not reply - deadpan - 'but I don't have an accent!' One poor lady thought I was offended and it took ages to assure her I was joking.
    2) Wear a pretty and unusual necklace. One of mine got lots of compliments though one lady was a little dashed when, on Mother's Day, she archly suggested that it must have been a special present (with a nod to my husband). I had to admit that I'd bought it myself! Husband looked blank.
    3) Always remember to ask for 'hot' tea and then ask for milk to go with it when - like me - you're not much of a coffee drinker and have become jittery on caffeine!
    4) birds and trees are Not The Same as in England! Idiotic as it seems I was quite disconcerted not to be able to recognise trees and the birds came as a surprise too, even though I've been to the US several times. Mind you, sparrows and starlings are the same all over. Biggest surprise was the cardinal - I'd never knowingly seen one and had assumed they were big, like crows. And of course robins are different though I sussed out which they were. Biggest ornithological thrill - I saw a bluebird! I didn't know they were real, thought they were one of those fairystory things, 'the bluebird of happiness' kind of thing. We live and learn!

  4. Some of us are very partial to Cardinals. :0)
    And they are very pretty birds too.

  5. Hi all. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

    Nicky, there's a very good reason why the starlings look the same. :)

  6. I'm so glad you ladies had what sounds like a lovely trip.

    1) when someone says 'Gee, I love your accent,' do not reply - deadpan - 'but I don't have an accent!'

    Please say this every time!

    If I get blue jays nesting in the yard this year I'll try to get some pictures to upload; they're also very pretty.

    The hot weather got here yesterday so I shaved my head down to 1/2 inch and it feels so much better.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

  7. Nicky, next time, say "but I don't have an accent" in a thick Cockney or Essex imitation. I know what you mean about birds being different… every time I hear a UK'er talk about seeing some great tits, I have to remind myself they're birds. BIRDS! Do you have house wrens there? One nested in my garage a few years ago.

    Noisy thunderstorms, plus a 6:45am Mason nosebleed, means I didn't get much sleep either. One shot came close to the house; that one Mason slept through, thankfully. And I need to get moving because I have to do the church bulletin.