Friday, May 24, 2013

Mixed Message

Taken May 8, 2013.

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  1. Morning all and welcome back, Janet. That's weird that you can't comment on your laptop.

  2. Morning Andi!

    Very nice waterfall.

    Hey Janet - glad you had a nice trip.

  3. Andi, this picture is gorgeous.

    FM, no static at all. /Steely Dan

    {{Janet}} Sorry about your commenting woes, hon, good to know you're all okay though.

    I did too much yesterday (nothing interesting, just chores and errands) and now I feel like someone whooped up on me with the tired stick. I'd planned to steam clean the carpets this weekend but UGH, maybe next weekend.

    Good day to all who follow.

  4. Love this picture!

    Janet, I can only comment using Opera. Chrome and Firefox won't let me. So I feel for your commenting woes. Maybe using a different browser on the laptop will help.

    Jen, I know that feeling and hope you feel better soon.

    Happy Friday!

  5. Or, Janet, you might want to try clearing your browser cache.

    Not much going on at the manor this week. Maybe I'll get to relax a little on the three-day weekend, especially since I got the lawn mowed yesterday evening.

    Love the waterfall pic, BTW.

  6. Okay it appears I can comment on my lap top (with coffee to my left) while on explorer. Hrrrm. Odd.

    Off to get my racks replaced/installed onto my itty biddy black Soul so I can get back to kayaking that Tualitn. Yay!

    Been doing pretty damn good. Sadly, several co-workers are not. It's like a Cancer Ward at work. Old and young have it. We have 6 out of 175 with cancer right now. That doesn't include the one who just got over brain cancer. Thanks to our insurance, it cost her altogether - $40.

    Weather here is rainy with a ton of rain. But I don't mind. We need the rain here. And since my weather doesn't have me out digging in the rubble hunting for my loved ones.... I'm okay with rain.