Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finding a Way

Taken April 17, 2013.

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  1. Good morning and a happy May Day to all.

    1. Good morning to you too and happy May Day also to everyone. That's a nice little waterfall you've captured.

  2. Lovely photo.

    Went back to the dermatologist yesterday and had my biopsy procedure. They were a little concerned about the sample they took, which is a little concerning to me. Will know more in a couple weeks. The waiting is the hardest part.

    Happy Beltane to all who mark the day.

  3. FM, I am looking forward to Comet ISON. It promises to be the biggest sky show of my lifetime. So far only Hale-Bopp has lived up to its advance billing. But it was, as comets are supposed to be, a bad omen. The day after we watched it along with a lunar eclipse, Andi broke her leg and we had to end a spring hiking vacation early.

    Jen, best wishes on waiting for the biopsy results. Several years ago I had a bump near my ear taken off that turned out to be a slow growing basal cell carcinoma. My GP did the biopsy in his office. When I finally got in to the plastic surgeon, several months later, to remove any that remained, we couldn't find it. We had to wait 2 years for it to show up again to be completely removed.

    Perfect bicycling weather yesterday and today: temps in the low 80s, light winds, and low humidity.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  4. I love waterfalls!

    Comet? When?? I remember taking the kids out to a dark spot to watch Hale-Bopp with binoculars. It was great. If Mason were only a few years older. ;-)

    Jen, my doc cut a mole off my shoulder earlier this year. She wasn't seriously concerned, except that it was oblong and thus required a closer look. It turned out to be nothing serious. Hope yours is the same!

    Hip hooray, the First of May, outdoor ***** starts today! /perv

  5. It's Comet ISON, Larry. We might get a show through part of November and December.

  6. Hi, all.

    Love comets, waiting not so much. Jen, hope everything is minor and taken care of soon.

    Andi, be careful of comet watching! Everyone else, enjoy.

  7. (((Jen)))

    May Day blizzard here. Sigh.

  8. (((Jen)))

    May Day blizzard here. Sigh.

  9. Howdy FM and Larry.

    Thinking of you and hoping for the best, Jen.

    Dina, the comet-and-lunar-eclipse-watching was so fantastically wonderful, I'd be willing to put up with another broken leg (so long as it was as minor -- a hairline and a spiral break) to have an experience like that again. Jim didn't mention that we also saw Hale-Bopp on the plane trip out. Just amazing.

    Blizzard in May! :(

  10. Beautiful photo Andi. Love the contrast between the softness of the water and the hard rock (despite its erosion ability). And the overall colour palette. Love the earthy tones.