Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dandelion Fine

Taken April-May, 2013.
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  1. A virtually bug-free morning to all.

  2. Morning Andi,

    Pictures of Dandelions always remind me of the old Bloom County comic strip. I used to love that comic strip.

    Not much happening here today. We had our little bit of rain yesterday. I went over and saw George to make sure he wasn't out in the weather. As soon as he recognized me, he did his usual going bonkers and then when I had to go, he did his usual crying. I know every time he see me he thinks I'm going to finally bring him home, but where I live now they don't allow pets. I just look at it as both George and I are lucky we have someplace and that we're able to see each other.

    I really do need to get this apartment cleaned up! I just looked around and thought, "Yea - Sure, I'm going to jump right into that today." :)

    Wishing along with Andi everyone has a bug-free morning and a good day.


  3. * Still bug-free. Whee!
    * It's my Friday on a holiday weekend. Whee x 1000!

    Morning, all!

  4. Bug free here, and the rain is gone though probably only temporarily.

    Recuperating after a hard day yesterday. I have a closet bureau that got redone yesterday and I used it as an opportunity to clean out a bit. Two and a half garbage bags later and I was exhausted. But everything is put away (if not very neatly) and I plan to continue the purge this weekend.

  5. hai!!!!! I haven't been able to post a comment for this site on my lap top. Weird.

    Trip went ok to Boston, Winterhawks advanced to the Memorial Cup and we're still in it.

    All are doing well. Just wish I could post from my laptop.... some setting must've been screwed with. Can't access you guys via any tag or on explorer or chrome. But an from Wayne's work lap top....

    (((Jen)))) & ((((Everyone)))))