Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blue Green

Taken May 8, 2013.

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  1. Happy relaxing (I hope) Saturday to all.

  2. Morning Andi,

    A very lazy day here. This coming week we start going up into the 90 degree temps and I don't know how long that will last. I don't care what anyone says, I want Jan. and Feb. back! :)

    Hope everyone has a great w/e.


  3. Holy Hockey Gods and Sweet Baby Howe!

    Winterhawks beat London last night in an amazing 2 - 1 game. We play Halifax on Sunday for the Big One - The Memorial Cup.

    I'm still outta breath :)

    Got my racks on my new Kia for the kayaks installed and we are about to go paddling.

    I've been good with eating before 7 pm. Been making incredible smoothies, even greenies. I've lost weight even in my FEET! And that's been only about 8 weeks. Haven't really been exercising yet either.

    Still rainy. The Old Man is Snoring.

  4. A great Sunday to all, including -- of course -- the Winterhawks.

  5. Yesterday was busy, but not bad… except for the "up at 6:30 am" part. Wife was prep'ing to video a nephew's wedding, and Mason woke up curious. I was supposed to go with her, but my foot was hurting. It didn't fit the profile of a gout flareup, as it wasn't in a joint, but it did keep me moving slowly for the morning.

    The non-nutty sister-in-law came up to visit, with her daughter, ex-hubs, and the daughter's bf. The latter played with Mason a lot after his 3-hour nap (which happened because Mason got up at 6:30). We're going to do the grillin' thing today.

    Woohoo, Janet! Here's hoping! Where do they play this game? It's not a best of 3 or anything?

  6. Morning Andi and Larry,

    A great Sunday to you too Andi.

    Larry sorry to hear about the foot flareup. My youngest brother has gout also. He goes through some times with it. Hope y'all have a good time grilling today.

    Yaaaaaaaaah Winterhawks!!!

  7. Over did in on the kayaks yesterday but it was fun. Went on Smythe and Bybee lakes which is a sanctuary that is hidden deep inside the warehouse section of North Portland. Saw a Bald Eagle!!!!!! They are HUGE! Also saw tons of carp, turtles, red shouldered black birds that yelled at us. Several Blue Heron. It was awesome.

    Yup, today at 4pm pst our Hawks play Halifax in Sasakatoon (the host city of the round robin game) We play just one game to decide who holds the Memorial Cup aloft. Just one game.

    Go Winterhawks!