Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blocked Out

Taken April 20, 2013.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning. Hope everybody has a fine Saturday.

  2. Good morning Andi. Something about the water in that picture looks oceanic to me but I can't decide which element makes it look that way.

    Clean biopsy=happy dance! Big ups to the nurses at my dermatology office (I have met the doctor but never seen her in a professional capacity) for giving me great treatment, for rushing my lab-work, and for calling me on a Friday before they split for the weekend.

    Happy cancer-free weekend to you all, and may George continue to enjoy his apartment. :)

  3. Many great big, giant, humongous YAYs!

  4. Huge happy hugs for Jen. (((Jen)))

    I am confused about the picture here though. It looks like liquid waters in the out of doors. How is that even possible?

  5. I'm feel more confused than you are Kelly. Some of the times I'll forget spelling and my friend from long ago will find me and staring off into nothing trying to spelling something.

    Many great big, giant, humongous YAYs to Larry and ............ ;)

    1. OH!!! And George is doing a happy SNOOPY dance in front of his dog house. :)O


  6. More puzzlement ... there's liquid water out of doors that not only falls from the sky but it's transparent!

    Hope everybody's weekend has been drier than ours.

  7. The Astronomy Picture of the Day is spectacular. It took me awhile to realize it was not a painting or a drawing and that it was real.

    I have to give y'all a pat on the back for this picture. :)

    Now then, if I never see one of these in real life, I'll be happy. ;)

    Take care