Saturday, April 13, 2013

White Out

Taken March 26, 2013.

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  1. Glad it went okay, Jen. Green things are starting to happen in the woods -- looks like my guess of the end of April for full-fledged greenness should be just about right.

    Glad for the hubby too, Janet.

    Hi Candis and Dina. It was a pretty pic but I'm glad that the snow is all gone now and shouldn't be back for months.

    Happy no thunder-booming night to you, Larry.

    And a happy weekend to all.

  2. Morning all!

    A little on the cool side this morning, but should turn into a very nice day here. I'd have thrown a sweater on & taken my coffee & computer to the table out front, but wifey had to run get stuff for later. So I'm waiting for Mason to wake up, after he woke me up bellowing in his sleep.

    Happy weekend, y'all!

  3. Hi, all. Glad that we are all slowly moving towards warmer weather. Here's hoping we actually get a spring and not move directly into summer.

  4. Almost got the weeding done. Almost. And by the time it's finished, the kids will have to start over all again.

    Hardest part about chores is getting the teens/young adults, you know - those varmints living in my house - to do the chores.

    Off to Yoga. Om. To get in touch with my inner frikken gawd damn peace. :P

  5. Speaking of warmer weather, what's Washington going to be like over the Malice weekend? (first w/end in May). I need to think about it soon!