Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome Color

Taken March 29 & April 1, 2013.
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  1. Lots of thunder and lightning. Not a lot of sleep.

    So ... somewhat grumpy morning to you all.

  2. Morning! Looks like you're finally getting some spring… sounds like it, too. ;-)

    Working at home today. Tomorrow they're having a big wingding at work, completing a major acquisition that is going to leave us looking like the python that swallowed the pig for a while. As soon as Daughter Dearest is up, I'm off for the table outside. :-D

  3. Groggy morning here. Due to some mandated HVAC pipe replacement, I had to move a loaded bookshelf and my TV stand last night as they snugged up against the column with the HVAC pipes.

    Thank goodness a friend from work offered to come over & help. I paid her in food & books.

    I'm glad my building keeps up to code standards & works to improve, but the timing could be better as my family arrives next Thursday for a visit. Work on the pipes could take up to 4 weeks & I will have no a/c during that time. :(

    Yeah, I am wearing the grumpy pants today.

  4. Grumpy pants. Is that the same thing as Sandpaper Panties? :)

  5. Here's to everything going well in the next 4 weeks, including sleep for us all.