Monday, April 15, 2013

Up and Down

Taken April 1 & 5, 2013.
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  1. Welcome to a new week, everybody.

    Nicky, I'm sure that Maria will give the expert info but I can tell you that it should be nice -- warm temps but before the heat and humidity of summer arrives.

    1. Thanks, Andi, that's good to hear. Though to be honest, after the vile spring we've had I'll happily take any kind of heat, even if it's humid!
      Getting excited now - I'm on a discussion panel on the Saturday morning and will be feeling very like a Real Author!

  2. Planet Georgia is damp and foggy this morning. I'm hoping the coffee can clear the inner fog. My car needs new wipers.

    We set up the new video editing computer this weekend, FINALLY. A bit of a jolt, going from Final Cut 4 (or something) to 10. Most of the differences are either superficial or easy to figure out. The best thing was the DVD burning software is built in.

    Janet, if you find your MF'ing inner peace, see if mine's laying around nearby? Oh, and while I'm asking nonsense questions, why don't cars drive themselves yet?

  3. Nicky - though I won't be at Malice (woe), I can tell you the temps will be warm to warmer and humid. The hotel, however, is usually set to frozen, so make sure to bring a sweater.

    Been uber tired lately, all this weather crazy has translated to fibro flares & restless sleep. I spent most of the weekend just doing nothing. However, I did get more chapters recorded, so that's a plus.

  4. Nicky, what time is your panel? I will be moderating one at 9:00 (ouch) and I do want to meet up at some point!

    Maria, hope you feel better soon. This weather has been very hard on my old bones as well.

  5. It's 10.00 am on Saturday morning, Dina. Tea, Scones & Death, the perennial appeal to US readers of the English village mystery! I've got the programme, I'll make sure I come to yours! How exciting!! And thanks for the tip, Maria; we're used to having four climates in a day here, so I'll pack accordingly.
    My husband is going to do some heavy-duty sightseeing around Washington so I'm let loose on Malice and am footloose and fancy free! A Washington friend will be hanging out with me on the Friday, in the hotel so I can nip in and out of different sessions - she's another internet friend and I'm so looking forward to putting names to faces.
    ARe you going to the banquet, Dina? My husband balked at (a) the $80 and (b) the idea of having to chat to literary ladies all evening, so he'll be sorting himself out. I, meanwhile, have to decide just how glitzy the banquet dress code will be, and pack accordingly.

    You guys have NO idea how excited I am!

  6. Snow, ice, freezing rain. Not sure that coming back from Charlotte NC was such a great idea...

  7. Nicky, I don't usually go but this year they are honoring a dear friend of mine who died very unexpectedly on Labor Day. There is a table in her honor and it would be wonderful if you sat with us. Just let me know and I will put your name in. But I totally understand if another table calls to you!

    I get in on Thursday. Look for me in a nifty scooter! (Probably at the bar )

  8. I know nobody, Dina! Take pity on me please and put my name down for your table! The Agatha banquet has been worrying me so much and I'd love to sit with you - I'll be a shy and quivering wreck, however well I appear to disguise it. The other internet friend I'm meeting up with won't be attending the convention and it would be wonderful to sit with friends!

  9. Nicky, I just sent the email adding you to the Sally Fellows table. See you soon!