Friday, April 12, 2013

Taken Out of Time

Taken March 26, 2013.

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  1. Morning all.

    Hope the doc visit went okay, Jen, and that the kitties patted and fluffed and said "there, there" when you got home.

    We had rain, Larry, but only a little thunder and lightning. Hope you didn't get dinged too bad by the storm.

    Yay Winterhawks!

  2. If I could paint (spoiler: I cannot even fingerpaint), I would try to paint that picture.

    Doc was fine. Gotta go back end of the month and get another spot removed & biopsied. I was raised on the beach and my mom was dx'd w/skin cancer at age 28 so every time I go to the derm they cut holes in me somewhere. All benign so far; hope that continues.

    Cool and wet here today, my favorite weather. Good day to all.

  3. Jen, they just yanked a mushroom type skin tab off of Mr. Damnit's inner thigh. They didn't actually yank it, they cut-burn it off. Was about the size of a button on a pair of jeans. Had to have it taken off due to biking. Was benign. Yours will be too.

    I remember basking in baby oil. STUPID!!! But we didn't really know back then. I never tan. Didn't while on Guam so I don't try at all. I'm a freckly gal. It's funny because we have so many of those fake n bakes salons here.

    But then I'm sure there's people who can't believe there's people who waste their time and money on hockey games :)

    Cool n wet here today. Just riiiight for Ms Kitten Mon.

    Hugs and snuggles to all who need em.

  4. The heaviest storms missed us. Either that, or I slept right through them. In any case, I'd disconnected the network boxes in advance of the storms, which probably helped to not attract them. :-P I didn't get it hooked back up until Mason woke up, because they're in his room, and I was ready to leave by then. A bit cool, compared to the last two days, but the weekend's supposed to be wonderful. Now whether I get to ENJOY it is another thing!

    Hope everyone has clean skin and winning hockey teams!